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Description Programs & Services: 
- Griefworks BC's main objective is to provide grief support to those in need of information and resources.  
- At some time in every person's lifetime, he or she will experience the grief of loss. People of all ages can feel the emotioins of grief. Sadness, anger, frustration, fear, guilt, anziety, a sense of injustice, remorse, despair, relief, longing, rage, apprehension and so many others make up the feelings of grief. Even babies can show us that they feel the emotions of the adults around them. It is said that if a child is old enough to lovem they are old enough to grieve. 
- Grief resources and information on pet loss or supporting a community through loss.  
- Grief support resources and information on suicide, murder, accident or other sudden death. Or you may wnat to know about the grief of other types of loss such as divorce, moving, illness, unemployment, etc. 
- You can join a suppport Chat Room by clicking here. This site ( was developed by a psychologist, Dr. Cendra Lynn. The site is monitored and has several different types of Grief Chats. Examples are: groups for kids, loss of a child, natural mother losses, loss of parent, loss of sibling or friend and many others. You may choose to try this sit.
Areas Served Vancouver and Area
Contact Information
Address Children's & Women's Health Centre
4500 Oak St St, room E 405
Vancouver, BC V6H 3N1
Mailing Address 4500 Oak St, E405 
Vancouver, BC V6H 3N1
Toll Free Phone 1-877-234-3322 (in BC only)


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